Screenshots of CoPilot

Initial Setup

This page enables the trainer to setup a unique access point name and password for their training. By connecting to this access point, the trainees are then able to access the censorship environment.

Image of trainer setup


Once CoPilot has been set-up, this is the login page for the trainer.

New Profile

New Profile

This is where the trainer is able to create a rule or set of rule sets.

New Profile

New Profile

Save Profile

Once the trainer is satisfied with the rule combinations they have created they are then able to save locally on CoPilot or download to their device.

New Profile

Edit Profile

The “Edit Profile” page is essentially the same as the new profile page. It is just populated with the current profile.

New Profile

Load Profile

This page allows trainers to load previously saved profiles from CoPilot or their local computer.

Load Profile page

Admin Configuration

The admin configuration page allows the trainer to change the access point name and password, as well as the trainer password.

Image of settings Image of settings


An info page that gives the current status of the CoPilot device.

information page


An page that displays all the current CoPilot services and allows the trainer to restart them if desired.

plugins page