How do I reset the trainer administrator password if I forget it?
Option 1: Delete the database UNTESTED

NOTE: please let us know if you do this so that we don’t have to test it ourselves. :smile:

The easiest way to reset your trainer administrator password if you forget it is to delete the CoPilot database. If you are using the default CoPilot configuration this is located at “/var/lib/copilot/copilot_app.db” This will belete the trainer defaults (AP name, AP password, Trainer Admin password, auto-selection of currently enabled profile) but should not delete any existing profiles.

Option 2: Modify the value in the SQL database COMPLETELY UNTESTED

This is not tested because it seems like a lot of work compared to the simplicity of simply deleting the database as shown in option 1. But, it is a thing that you can do.

If you would like to modify the password directly in the SQL database you can attempt that as well. You will have to run the password through the bcrypt library.

You can find the properties of the database in the trainer model. The actual write for the trainer admin password shows the usage of bcrypt.